About McNally Piano Movers

Why We're the Best!

We have 20 years experience moving only pianos! At McNally's Toronto Piano Movers, each and every piano is treated with the same care and respect, whether it's worth $50.00 or $50,000.00.
Our highly experienced staff will safely and cost effectively move your prized possession in a professional and insured environment.

McNally Piano Movers has assisted thousands of satisfied customers in the delicate task of relocating their pianos, uprights and grands alike

After being in the Piano Moving business for 27 years, I've had the privelage of working for and getting to know the absolute best piano technicians in the city! It's because of these relationships I can bring you the best prices for any piano related service. From moving and tuning to a complete restoration, we have the resources to take care of any and all of your piano related needs. You will be satisfied, I guarantee it!"

Piano Moving a Piano Takes Skill

Piano moving is a complicated and technical task which demands a great deal of human strength and dedication to the art of transporting a piano. All acoustic pianos are made from different selections of wood, therefore each instrument is "one of a kind", we appreciate and accept that responsibility. We understand the invested and sentimental value of your piano and always treat it like our own. A safe trip is assured, as your precious cargo is secured within one of our fleet's vehicles. Your piano will be carefully packaged and carried, with no detail spared. We are properly scheduled and dedicate ourselves fully to every job, moving one piano at a time. 

Complete Proffesionalism

Piano moving is a specialized service, and should never be trusted to an amateur mover, or a furniture moving company. Even though sometimes the cost of using a furniture moving company is lower than that of a piano moving company, the damage to the instrument that can result from improper packaging or securing in the truck may be very expensive to repair, if at all fixable. While spinet, console, studio upright, upright grand, and other upright pianos typically need no disassembly; baby grand, grand, and concert grand pianos must be carefully taken off their legs, wrapped in blankets, and placed on a skid board or piano board.