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Toronto piano movers have been moving pianos in Toronto for over 25 years. Our fully insured piano movers provide one of the top piano moving services anywhere. Get a FREE quote to move your piano. Our piano movers are available Monday to Saturday

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After moving your piano allow us to provide a quality piano tuning to bring out the true sound of your piano. Our certified highly skilled piano tuners will tune your piano with a $25.00 discount with all piano moves. Call Today 416-491-7887

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Toronto Piano Movers offers great deals on previously owned pianos. Upright pianos as well as grand pianos all come complete with delivery, tuning and a 2 year warranty. Call or email us today to discuss your needs & availability. Good pianos for good people

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Our piano storage facilty is climate controlled and secure for complete protection of your piano and accessories. Monthly and yearly storage rates available. 2 FREE months with yearly storage. Call our office today for more details.

Why Toronto Piano Movers?

(Because we care and we're good!)
Toronto piano mover review
These guys are fantastic! They showed up on time, with 3 guys, and had the piano moved quickly and smoothly. Conditions were icy, and there was a fair bit of difficult manouvering involved, but they handled everything with the hands of professionals. I would highly recommend using their services, for an easy, stress-free move!.
piano moving review
Hello I used McNally Piano Movers last week to move a very old very heavy upright piano. It was a tough move with 15 steps and a very tight landing but they did the job very effectively. They maneuvered the beast with no damage but a lot of sweat. Thanks to the guys for an excellent job and taking such good care of my house and my piano. I would recommend them with no problem they are real pros.
T.P (Toronto)
Review for piano moving
What a pleasure to deal with Ken and his crew, from the initial contact I was confident that I had hired the right piano company. McNally picked up our old family Heintzman, took it to their shop for repairs and delivered it almost new! I may have spent 30 minutes on the phone with Jeff and that was the extent of my involvement. I would definately be happy to recommend McNally to move your piano.Thanks guys and keep up the good work.
I can't say enough about how AMAZING Jeff and Ken are!! They really have gone above and beyond any expectations, and have made my son's dream come true. They also exemplify human kindness, and understand the value in 'paying it forward.' I contacted them to move a 'free' piano that was posted by a friend for a friend. I had to have the piano moved within 36 hours and Jeff was quick to fit me in. Upon picking up the piano, it was discovered that it needed some work. I was contacted by Ken and told that for a very minimal cost, they would fix the piano and deliver it to me (with no additional moving charges). Upon delivery, it was discovered that the piano required a lot more work, so Ken took it back to have another look at it. I was then contacted and told that it would cost me over $1000 to repair the piano, and it really wasn't worth it. There was a pause, and that's when Ken told me that they would GIVE me a piano that had been donated to them. Needless to say, there were tears. This incredible gesture made one boy very happy, and made a mom realize that there are good people out there. These guys are THE guys - don't go elsewhere!.
Karen B. from Milton
Toronto piano movers moving review for pianos
The manager gave a reasonable quote & was able to book my move in less than a week's notice. The movers arrived right on time, and were very professional. They did the move quickly and with no damage to the piano or to property. I would definitely hire them again.
Christy R, Scarborough
Piano movers review
Just a quick note about some absolutely wonderful piano movers: McNally Piano Services in Toronto (well North York). I had just sold my grand piano (sob) and was watching as Ken McNally (30-year owner of McNally Piano Services) and a competent colleague moved it from the stage in the "music room" of our house in Cobourg out into their truck to deliver it to the purchaser in Toronto (well, again North York). You clearly have to know what you're doing to move a huge piano up a couple of stairs -- on its side, with its legs removed, and with protective coverings everywhere to protect its finish. Watching the expert and very coordinated performance of these two was as awe-inspiring as listening to a brillian piano performance. Well done! They had been recommended by my cousin (Cecilia Ignatieff), a concert pianist, -- and I can well understand the recommendation.
Rod Anderson

Piano's for Cuba Donate Now

Unfortunately here in Ontario the piano market has decreased significantly so most people can't even give away their old pianos, I believe I have a solution to this problem! It is my dream to send a container of pianos to Cuba, I am willing to provide all of the pianos and benches at my cost but I would be grateful for help in the shipping costs.

For those of you that have been to Cuba, you understand the challenges that these people face every day, due to the embargo they just haven't had access to many things for 60 years, even if they have the money which is also very rare, these things are simply unavailable. I had a meeting with the Cuban Minister of Culture in Havana last week, they were very grateful for the gesture and have assured me that they will take care of all of the logistics once the shipment reaches Havana and see to it that these pianos are delivered to schools and cultural centers that could use them the most.

My goal is to have the shipment ready to go by June.

We will be documenting the whole process on film and using this to promote this process bi-annually. If you have an apartment sized piano that's in good working condition that you would like to donate, I will be happy to pick it up at our cost. This is a labour of love for me and I hope I can inspire you to help me help these wonderful people make beautiful music!

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